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About Us


The Luxury Spirits & Fine Wines Group is a New National  Dynamic, Innovative Agency that combines Award Winning Salesmanship, Breakthrough Marketing Expertise and World Class brands.

The Luxury Spirits & Fine Wines Groups leadership has over 40 years of extensive industry experience, both On Trade & Off Trade in Canada.  Lead by over 30 years of Canada On- Trade experience by the former Vice President of Sales for the largest brewery in Canada, Molson Breweries  and partnered with the former Diageo’s award winning National Sales and Marketing Leader, who grew the Worlds Largest Spirits Companies market share from 29% to 52% over his 7 year reign in Travel Retail Division.  Delivering record share growth was secondary, as his leadership and negotiation skills lead to doubling the divisions Gross Profit the past 3 years to add to his share impact and scoring the highest Worldwide in independent customer surveys.

One of our Unique Corporate aspects is our Specialization in Luxury North American Travel Retail Market (Duty Free Stores, both Airport & Border stores) which provides great insights into premium sales and the affluent shoppers.

If you are looking for world class brand management and brand development that is second to none, then partner with us today and celebrate tomorrow.

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