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Perennial Favourites


The third part of the What’s Hot Alcohol Bartending Survey is Perennial Favorites. These items were ranked as those with staying power, drinks that never go out of style. Wine, of varying kinds, has the most appeal over time. Other perennially popular drinks include the traditionalist – martinis and manhattans. Simple beers, like lager and pilsners are also rated as a perennial favorite among bartenders. Traditional spirits like gin, tequila and bourbon are also rated as high in staying power. Read on for the top 10 favorites every bar should offer:

  • Hard lemonade 88%
  • Dessert/Candy cocktails 72%
  • Skinny cocktails 72%
  • White Sangria 71%
  • Light Beer 67%
  • Kosher Wine 66%
  • Boxed Wine 65%
  • Bacon 61%
  • Non-Alcoholic Beer and Beer 58%
  • Absinthe 56%

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