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Top trends in alcohol for 2013 mirror food trends of 2013 with emphasis on local, onsite, and organic liquors. The rise of micro distilleries and on site production is among the biggest trend for 2013. Another popular trend is food-beer dinners and food-liquor pairings. These are a new take on a traditional wine tasting dinner, which has been popular for decades.

The Complete List the Top 10 Hot Trends in Alcohol, by percentage:

  • Onsite barrel age drinks 77%
  • Food-Liquor/ Cocktail pairings 77%
  • Micro-distilled/ Artisan liquor 75%
  • Locally produced spirits 70%
  • Locally sourced fruit/berries/produce (for garnish and flavoring) 70%
  • Beer sommeliers/Cicerones 68%
  • Regional signature cocktails 67%
  • Beer-based cocktails 66%
  • Locally produced beer 65%

Other hot trends for 2013 include shrubs, which are a fruit liqueur popular in 17th and 18th century England, organic cocktails and wine on tap.

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