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From Rare Scotch by the oldest distillery in Scotland to the hottest Craft Whiskies from winner of The Global Distillery of the Year…

Luxury Spirits have been defining the status of men for the majority of history.  From aristocratic royalty to new money, elaborate alcoholic beverages have always been synonymous with wealth, status and eccentricity.

From rapper-endorsed beverages to undeniable classics, luxury spirits are getting more and more extravagant with highly detailed packaging designs, rich histories and even extremely expensive price tags. From fashion-outfitted alcohol to cognac connoisseur bottle collections, alcohol is no longer about drinking but rather about decadence.

35 Year old scotches, award winning whiskies, premium spirits and the worlds best rum are just some of the many examples of extravagant spirits in today’s consumer market. With their prevalence in the media, their endless international spirit awards and high taste scores making them desired by many but only accessible to a mere lucky few.

The Luxury Spirits & Fine Wines Group only celebrates with the Worlds Finest….

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